Terms and conditions:
It’s very important to read the Terms and Conditions of this website before registering to advertise with us. When you have read the following Terms and Conditions, if you do not agree, please do not register.
We are an escort directory. This means that we are not an agency and we do not represent any individual, independent escort or indeed any escorts agency. Do not contact our website to place bookings or enquire about the services you may see in an advertisement for an escort or an agency. All advertisers should ensure that their contact details are present in all adverts to enable their prospective customers to contact them directly.
As a directory, we act only as a platform upon which independent escorts and escort agencies advertise their services. We have no knowledge about any encounters that may take place before, during or after any bookings made with agencies or independent escorts on this website, and subsequently take no responsibility for any encounters and/or experiences that users of our website may experience.
To the best of our ability, acting only in an advertising and marketing capacity, all advertisers that appear on our directory are 18 years old or above. We accept responsibility to fully cooperate with any authority that may be concerned with and wish to investigate any underage people appearing in any promotions by independent escorts or escort agencies.
We reserve the right to remove any content from profiles and adverts on our website at any time without notice. This includes anything we suspect to be illegal, obscene and/or immoral. Memberships can also be suspended and advertisers removed from the directly without notice. No refunds will be granted to any advertiser found to be adding content of this nature.
We do not condone any illegal activities, and anything else that may be implied or inferred in any advert is not an indication that we do. Users are invited to “sign up” for a membership on our directory to post escort advertisement and profiles offering time and companionship services. If you suspect that any user of our directory is operating illegally, you should contact us at your earliest convenience as a matter of urgency.
If you are a “Member” of our directory, you have knowingly registered to post adverts and profiles on our website. Once you have signed up, we will assume that you have consented to all of our terms and conditions.

  1. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions as we see fit.
  2. In order to post adverts on our directory a link to our directory is required.
  3. To post on our directory you must meet our minimum age conditions (see Minimum Age).
  4. All information you provide us must be accurate.
  5. You must agree to indemnify us from any disagreements or claims made against you from a third party.
  6. Any payments for membership upgrades, or any services on our directory should be made in pounds sterling.
  7. You must keep us updated about any change in your personal details, such as: billing address, postcode and you must ensure that your credit/debit card is in date for any recurring payments to continue.
  8. When you register on our directory you are responsible for the security of your password and we cannot be held responsible if anyone other than yourself accesses your account, whilst using your password.
  9. You must notify us as soon as possible if you discover that someone else is using your membership.

Minimum Age
You must be 18 years or older to have an account and advertise on our directory. Or if you are operating outside the UK, you must be of a legal age to access material of an adult nature in your country of residence. If we discover that you are in breach of these conditions, your profile and all your advertisements will be removed and you will no longer be allowed to post on the directory. No refunds are given when our Terms and Conditions are breached.
Use of the directory

  1. You must not deliberately post content that is aimed to upset or disrupt the business of another member. Harassment of other will not be tolerated and accounts not abiding to this condition will be terminated.
  2. Whilst we appreciate that we are acting as an adult directory, you must not post homophobic, sexist, or anything that other users may find offensive and/or upsetting. This includes sexually explicit writing etc.
  3. You must not impersonate another member, or claim to be anything other than what you are.
  4. You must not post adverts that are contain overly enhanced images that are designed to mislead.
  5. You must not post adverts that you do not have permission to use, or do not accurately represent the services you are offering.
  6. You must not “spam” our directory with the same adverts over and over. This will result in termination of membership.

Our actions
We will not hesitate to verbally warn, suspend or terminate users of our directory if they are in breach of our terms and conditions. In addition to this, we reserve the right to change or remove content added to our directory, bring legal action against a member, or report activities to the authorities if we deem it necessary. We may also record and store any content a member posts on the directory, for our records, should we believe that there is a breach in our terms and conditions.
Cancellation policy

  1. Credit and debit card payments are non-refundable once your membership is active.
  2. Should you wish to cancel your membership, no refunds will be given if you cancel before your membership terms comes to an end. For example, if you sign up and only stay a member for one week before cancelling, you will not get the rest of your membership back. You will however be able to use the directory for the remainder of your paid membership.
  3. No refunds are given if our Terms and Conditions are breached.

Being a member of our directory does not allow you to use our trademarks, content or images for commercial use anywhere else online, excepting the content you have posted yourself.



  1. Considering that our directory is published online, there are a numerous technical difficulties and site maintenance that can occur from time to time. We reserve the right to take the directory offline at any time should there be good reason.
  2. We make no satisfaction guarantees for the directory. You are advised to thoroughly explore the website in order to make an informed decision about whether you want to advertise with us or not.
  3. We will not be held responsible for any damages, or anything else as a result of advertising on our directory, unless it is as a direct result of our own negligence.

Privacy policy

  1. Our members security and privacy is very important to us. We agree not to divulge your personal or business details to anyone.
  2. We will not share your business and/or contact details with anyone.
  3. We reserve the right to waive these terms in the event of suspicious and/or illegal activities being undertaken by any of our members, where we will be forced to communicate with the relevant authorities.

Complaints / Feedback
We maintain an open communication with our members. Should you wish to complain about our service or give us feedback please do feel free to do so. If you have a complaint about another member of the website, bring this to our attention as soon as possible, rather than contacting them directly.